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The Advantages of Hydroponic Towers in Gardening

There are trend-setting developments in the agricultural industry in urban areas that have been caused by the reducing space for planting crops. Vertical towers are one of the most innovative farming methods to hit the scene. Using state of the art hydroponic technology, this method is an answer to biting food shortages. This method does not only save space, but it adds aesthetic value to your property. With this technology, the benefits of vertical gardens cannot be overestimated. Outlined here are just some of the values that this technological farming technique will add to your life and those around you.

The most crucial and outstanding benefit of tower gardens is improved and sustainable food security especially in the urban areas. Vertical towers have the ability to make food scarcity history if utilized well. Urban areas especially have had to grapple with challenges in food production, relying on the rural agricultural areas to provide food. It is virtually impossible to find large farming lands in the cities and thus the need for vertical gardens. This method’s advantage is that it utilizes a very small space and considering the limited spaces in urban areas, it is a godsend. You can grow substantial quantities of food in small spaces thus ending over-dependence on rural farmers.

One of the most challenging things that a regular farmer using conventional farming methods faces is the invasion of pests. In addition, crop diseases is another huge problem. By applying the vertical gardening method, you will note decreased pest activity and absence of diseases. Pests invasion and transmission of diseases are not as present in the towers as on the ground. The good thing about this method is that pests can be seen easily and dealt with. The harvest is usually clean as it is far from the soil.

There is nothing as breathtaking and mesmerizing as a home with a vertical garden well and meticulously tended. If you grow crops, lettuce, for instance, using hydroponic technique, the aesthetic beauty it will add to your property is exemplary. So apart from food security, you will get the added advantage of having a visually alluring home that will be the envy of friends. This will greatly influence the value of your property positively. In case you may want to sell or rent out the property, the vertical gardens will give you a bargaining advantage.

In urban areas, the environmental abuse and degradation is unmatched but the positive impact of garden towers can be felt. Human activities have created areas known as Urban Heat Island or UHI where there are great surges in heat as compared to other areas. By installing tower gardens, the urban heat island effect is substantially reduced as well as smog. They act as natural air filters that ensure that the air around us is clean and healthy while reducing your carbon footprints.In addition to reducing your carbon footprints, vertical towers act as natural air filters cleaning the air around you. There are many other great and beneficial uses stemming from the vertical gardens.

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